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Axis's focus on Total Quality Management through ISO 9001:2015 and widely accepted international standards for its products such UL, BS, DIN, N FC & Indian Standard (IS), has led to products that lead the industry in quality. Thus, Axis products are used everyday all over the world by Electrical Contractors & Installers, Equipment Manufacturers, Maintenance Companies and Government Utilities.
Premium quality Lightweight earth pit, Earth plate & Lattice, Concrete pit & other superior electrical products are manufactured by Axis-India. Enquire now
This short blog aims to guide you through the importantance of Cable Cleats as an accessory to professional cable management. Electromagnectic fields caused by the flow of current through cables induce electromechanical forces on the cables themselves and their support structures. During a power surge or short circuit, this can cause severe damage to the …
Myth 1: Chemical Earthing is Long Lasting and Maintenance Free
Myth 2: Chemical Filled Electrodes are easy to Install
Myth 3: Chemical Filled Electrodes are tested to International Standards
Myth 4: Chemical Earthing is necessary in all soil types
Find top quality copper bonded earth rod manufactured by Axis-India. Get best copper ground rod made with our manufacturing process of international standard. All the electrical products are tested as per the international standards like UL, IEC, N FC, etc. We export electrical components all across the world.
Insulation Piercing connectors, Midspan joints & Bi-metallic lugs of superior quality for industrial use and electrical installations. Contact Axis-India.
We offer a wide range of Fasteners & Fixings like Hexagon bolts & nuts, Flat round washers, Wood screw, Copper nails etc. For more information, contact us.
We are the manufacturer and exporter of best quality Earth bar & Disconnecting link used all over the world for electrical installations. Enquire now.